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Prepositions with the genitive: concession


καὶ Κερκυραίους τούσδε μήτε ξυμμάχους δέχεσθε βίᾳ ἡμῶν.

‘Do not accept the Corcyrians as your allies against our will.’ (Thuc. 1.43.3)

The (‘false’) prepositions βίᾳ and πρὸς βίαν signal a concession.


These prepositions, if they can be called prepositions in the first place, do not occur frequently. Greek tends to prefer an embedded construction.

Example Sentences: 

ὄμνυσι δ’ αἰχμὴν ...

ἦ μὴν λαπάξειν ἄστυ Καδμείων βίᾳ

- ὁ Πηλεὺς δ’ ἔσχε Νηρέως κόρην.

- θεοῦ διδόντος, ἢ βίᾳ θεῶν λαβών;

And Peleus married the daughter of Nereus. - After the god had granted her, or after he had taken her in spite of the gods?

τῷ δὲ τοὺς ὑπὸ τῇ Καδμείᾳ τελευτήσαντας βίᾳ Θηβαίων θάψαι παρέδωκε

And the Thebans notwithstanding he delivered the bodies of those who had died beneath the city of Cadmus to him (= Adrastus).

οὔ φησ' ἐάσειν τόνδε τὸν νεκρὸν ταφῆς ἄμοιρον, ἀλλὰ πρὸς βίαν θάψειν ἐμοῦ.

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