Prepositions with the genitive: concession


ὄμνυσι δ’ αἰχμὴν ... || ἦ μὴν λαπάξειν ἄστυ Καδμείων βίᾳ | Διός

He swears by his spear... that he will plunder the city of the Cadmeans in spite of Zeus.

The (‘false’) prepositions βίᾳ and πρὸς βίαν signal a concession.

Frequential information

These prepositions, if they can be called prepositions in the first place, do not occur frequently. Usually Greek prefers an embedded construction, often with a participle (i.e. καὶ, περ or καίπερ + participle; εἰ καί or καὶ εἰ + subordinate clause).

Example Sentences: 

- ὁ Πηλεὺς δ’ ἔσχε Νηρέως κόρην. | - θεοῦ διδόντος, ἢ βίᾳ θεῶν λαβών;

And Peleus married the daughter of Nereus. - After the god had granted her, or after he had taken her in spite of the gods?