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Accusative: patient as modifier

Syntactical Level

ἐκ δόμων ἔβᾱν | χοᾶν προπομπὸς

‘’ (Aesch. Lib. 22-23)

The accusative sometimes (in post-Homeric poetry) signals the macrorole of patient as a modifier with verbal nouns.

Example Sentences: 

ἀλλ’ οἱ μὲν ἐχθροὶ καταγελῶσιν, οἱ δὲ σύμμαχοι τεθνᾶσι τῷ δέει τοὺς τοιούτους ἀποστόλους

Your enemies laugh at you, but your allies are dying out of fear of such emissaries. [provisional translation]

μισόθεον μὲν οὖν, πολλὰ συνίστορα

αὐτοφόνα κακὰ καρατόμα

No, rather than a god-hating house, which has many awful butchery among relatives! [provisional translation]