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Prepositions with the dative: goal


ἦν ὅλος πρὸς τῷ λήμματι

‘’ (Dem. 19.127)

The prepositions ἀμφί (in poetry), ἐπί and πρός with the dative signal a goal.

Example Sentences: 

τούτῳ οὖν ὅπως ἐκπορίζῃ τὰ συμφέροντα, ἐπὶ τούτῳ παρασκευάσθη ἡ τέχνη give the necessary to the body, for that purpose this art has been perfected. [provisional translation]

μακρῇς ἐγχείῃσι μαχήσοντ’ ἀμφὶ γυναικί

With long spears they fought for the woman. [provisional translation]