Prepositions with the accusative: distributivity

The prepositions ἀνά and κατά with the accusative signal distributivity (per, by, for each).

Lexical usage

The distributivity of ordinal numbers is usually expressed by ἀνά or κατά: καθ' ἔνα 'one by one', ἀνὰ δύο 'by two', κατὰ πέντε 'by five'.

Historical background

The distributive meaning is the only meaning ἀνά retains in Koine.

Other information

In contrast to Latin, Greek has no distributive numbers like singulī 'one each', bīnī 'two each' or trīnī 'three each'. The compounds of ordinals with συν- have the same meaning, but are very rare.

Example Sentences: