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Vocative as predicate NP


The vocative sometimes signals a predicate NP in an address or an exclamation.


This construction is limited to poetry.

Example Sentences: 

σύ τ’, ὦ ποτ’ οὖσα καλλίνικε, μυρίων

μῆτερ τροπαίων, Ἕκτορος φίλον σάκος,


ὄλβιε κοῦρε γένοιο, τίοις δέ με τόσσον, ὅσον περ

Δᾶλον ἐτίμησεν κυανάμπυκα Φοῖβος Ἀπόλλων

Blessed art thou, young man, and may thou honor me as much as Phoibos honors Apollon Delos with his dark diadem. [provisional translation]