The following exercises allow you to train your morphological skills. The following types are available:

  • morphological drill exercices without any context;
  • short morphological exercices based on the monostichoi of comedy writer Menander: EnglishDutch and French
  • longer morphological exercices based on short phrases (philosophers, the Bible, an ancient collection of jokes, etc.): English and Dutch.

The Greek text can be entered in three different ways:

  • in Unicode with the correct diacritics (more information);
    • E.g. ἐξελεγχομένῳ.
  • in Unicode without diacritics (more information);
    • E.g. εξελεγχομενω.
  • in Betacode without diacritics (more information).
    • E.g. ecelegxomenw.

The exercices, which were made using iSpring Quizmaker 8, run on all modern browsers, including those of mobile devices. However, some errors have been reported in Google Chrome.